Who we are and what we do

Golf All-round Service GmbH (GARS Ltd.) is a small family business located in Bremen, Germany, with its office not so far from Bremen’s central train station and city center. We specialize in helping patients from Arabic countries get medical treatment here in Bremen. Most of our patients and their families come from the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Saudi Emirates (UAE). We are currently working on new projects such as helping students learn German in Bremen, or apply for university here. For ladies, or families, who wish to come to Germany and combine both leisure and wellness in one trip, we would be glad to offer a pleasant program tailored to their wishes.

At GARS, you can expect to be taken care of, to the extent that you let us. This goes beyond just making appointments and organizing your stay here; we will translate for you, accompany you to your appointments, recommend places to see, answer your questions, attend to your needs, and help you get things done. At GARS, we speak Arabic, English and German, helping us to provide for good communication, with as little misunderstandings as possible.


Mr. Abdulqader Ahmed, a Bahraini who moved to Germany in 1957 to complete his studies in Bremen, started building relationships between Bremen and Bahrain in the areas of cultural and economic affairs, as well as sports, in 1959. The first patient from Bahrain, to acquire medical services in Bremen, came in the mid 1970s, and was taken care of by Mr. Ahmed on a voluntary and honorary basis. In 1983, GARS was founded and registered as a limited company in the town of Bremen. GARS was the first in the field of providing patients from the Arabian Gulf Countries obtain medical treatment in Bremen, Germany.

Since its establishment, GARS has been trying to keep the special relationship between Arabic patients and their doctors in Germany away from commercialism, but still benefit the persons and countries involved. This genuine relationship rests on a trust, which we try to maintain by staying a family business that combines an understanding of both the German and Arabic culture.

Being over 30 years in business has given us the advantage of personally meeting and knowing our doctors, clinics, hospitals and health institutions here in Bremen. We have an extensive list of doctors and specialists in different medical areas, whom we have been working with till now, and who wish to continue working with us. The services offered by GARS have increased throughout the years, such as managing transportation and accommodation arrangements for its patients. Through this, GARS started to get to know their patients, who would recommend and return to benefit from our services.

For the future, GARS wants to maintain its current services, as well as take care of families accompanying patients, helping students that wish to study here take the appropriate steps to get started, as well as organize leisure programs for families or ladies that wish to spend their vacation in Bremen.