Our Team

Yvonne Ahmed

With work experience in both the Kingdom of Bahrain and Germany, Yvonne Ahmed is the Managing Director at GARS. She has many years of experience in teaching, training, organization of workshops, career planning and customer care.  In addition, she has a solid knowledge base in the areas of education, social pedagogy, and business consulting.

Dr. Ghulam Khorrami

Dr. Khorrami is the firm’s contact in Bahrain, and part of the management team. He has many years of experience in business consulting as well as in the areas of teaching and training for businesses. Dr. Khorrami helps coordinate GARS projects between Bremen and Bahrain.

Dr. Mohammed

After long scientific research and teaching experience at German universities, Dr. Mohamed has entered the field of medical coordination and consultation, concerning the cooperation between the Arab Gulf countries and medical institutions and hospitals in Bremen, Germany. Dr. Mohammed has a background in the natural sciences and has obtained a PhD in Polymer Chemistry. Given this background and competence in medical translation, Dr. Mohamed is responsible for the arrangement and planning of the medical treatment of our patients, accompanying them to their appointments and supporting the communication between doctors and patients. Dr. Mohamed has been with us since 2001.

Anke Volkmann

Ms. Volkmann joined our office in 1999, after having majored in geography with minors in biology and sociology. Before working at GARS, Anke worked at the university of Bremen for some time, and was also an office assistant to a notary. At GARS, she is responsible for office work, corresponding with patients, and their doctors, as well as organizing medical appointments and hotel accommodation. Given that Anke speaks both German and English, she will answer your calls at the office and provide you with the necessary information.

Eman Abdul Karim

Having joined GARS in the summer of 2013, Eman is the granddaughter of Mr. Ahmed and the new addition to the family business. She went to school and university in Bahrain, and has a degree in Business. Eman is responsible for the administration of the GARS website, as well as attending to patients’ and their families’ needs. She will also help students that wish to study here in Bremen, and arrange for your leisure and wellness holiday. Eman speaks Arabic, English and German, and will correspond with you in your preferred language.