Medical Treatment in Bremen

The medical treatment services offered by GARS are as follows:

Transfer of medical reports and cases to the appropriate doctor/specialist

Before you start planning your medical trip to Bremen, you will surely need a professional opinion on the medical case in question. An explanation of the case and accompanying medical reports sent by you to GARS, will be forwarded to the doctors that are most suitable to handle the case to provide you with that professional opinion.

Planning for your medical trip to Bremen and arranging for your stay

After consulting our doctors here, and having met the decision to travel on your side, we will start making appointments for you. Should you require our assistance in applying for a visa, choosing an appropriate flight and comfortable accommodation, do not hesitate to talk to us.

Your medical treatment in Bremen

Upon your request, we will pick you up from the airport/train station upon arrival and take you to your accommodation. From there on, we will answer any questions you might have regarding your treatment or your stay in general, accompany you to your medical appointments and help you communicate with your doctor. 


Should you be asked by your doctor to stay in Bremen for some follow-up appointments, we will be there to accompany you if you wish, and answer any questions you might have.