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German course

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Are you interested in studying in Bremen? Talk to us about your expectations and goals, and we will help you find a suitable program. Whether you have just graduated from school, already have a degree, and wish to accomplish more down your educational path, send us a message via our contact form and describe to us your situation.

Learn German in Bremen

The best way to learn a language, is to be in an environment where the language is spoken.  If you are interested in learning German, we will contact the language institutes in Bremen and provide you with the  possible options.


This program is most attractive to students who have graduated from school, and are about to start a new phase in their lives, by applying for university or entering the job market. Before embarking on this new journey, we recommend our PrePrep course, where you learn tips for life in the areas of teambuilding, leadership, facing change and challenges, personal growth and development, as well as taking part in fun activities indoors and outdoors.